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of justice and the department of defense is no easy job. the other thing i will say is we have to take the spectrum in the order we get it. the 700 megahertz off shin came after it the aws auction. so we could compete -- that was the auction on the block. we put our resources into clearing it. we are using that spectrum -- we're probably using it most, that is our lte spectrum. we do not have low band spectrum and that is what this auction is about. and i am his handout going to recognize him. you forng to recognize your comment. also, in your written testimony, you were comparing your auction -- at&t and verizon, i came to the boston celtic to play the celticskin to playing amateur. faith you have so little in these providers? >> let me say, yes, i cannot help to think fondly of the that is thes, but product of growing up in boston. there are many competitors comparable to t-mobile and sprint. they were going through their own internal spec trim issues. they all got beat. after they choice came up and the. we came up and the. -- up empty. andof these players came because when push cam
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1